5K Run/Walk           MAP
Saturday, September 8

The 5K run/walk start & finish at South Lyon High School.  Registration & Registration are located
in the student parking lot on the south end of the school.  Please enter the lot via Pontiac Trail (aka

The run/walk will start in the bus loop in the northeast corner of South Lyon High School.  It will travel
through the high school stadium, then join the paved path that travels east away from the school.  Runners
will join the main paved path traveling south to Ten Mile Rd. At Ten Mile, the athletes will exit the path,
travel east a short distance in front of the Tru Value Hardware, then turn north on Mill Street.

The athletes will take Mill Street north to Kestrel Ridge east to Eagle Heights Drive north.  At Eleven
Mile Road, the athletes will join the sidewalk that borders Eleven Mile Rd travelling west.  The athletes
will turn south onto the bike path then west towards South Lyon High School.  The athletes will then take
one more loop through the high school stadium and finish in the bus loop where refreshments & awards
will take place.

Half Marathon       MAP
Sunday, September 9   

Registration for the Half Marathon will be inside Island Lake Recreation Area at the Meadow Picnic Area.  
To get to the Meadow Picnic Area, enter Island Lake Park via the Kensington Rd. entrance.  Immediately
after the toll booth, turn RIGHT.  Go back about two miles.  The Meadow Picnic Ares is located on the left,
just southeast of the entrance to Trailhead. Parking and registration are in the Meadow Picnic Area.

The course will start on the park road close to the Meadow Picnic Area. The athletes can ride a shuttle  
bus to the start or jog there (one mile) as part of their warmup. The race will run to the east down the main
Island Lake Rec Area road and quickly join the bike path near the tunnel that crosses under Kensington
Road..  The course will then continue east until the paved path goes under I-96 into Kensington Metro

The run will travel counter clockwise around Kensington's main paved path, and will go back into Island
Lake under I-96.

The run will then travel west via the paved path and end on the path close to the Meadow Picnic Area.

Aid stations will be located approx. every two miles with water and Gatorade at each.  There will be GU
located at about half way. Bathrooms located in the Meadow Picnic Area with many scattered along the
path inside Island Lake Recreation Area and Kensington Metro Park.