Cross Country is one long
outdoor adventure!
The SLXC Gymnasium at Island Lake
One of the best parts of cross country is that it is
almost entirely outside.  In addition to being
Covid safer, it is simply beautiful and a lot of fun
too. It sure releases stress after a school day.

Our home courses are at Island Lake and Huron
Meadows.  We will also spend a lot of time at
SLHS, Kensington Metropark, and a variety of
other outdoor venues for practices and meets.

Coach Smith will update the online weekly
schedule each Sunday night.  That is where
athletes find out where practices will be each
day for the upcoming week.

Our team has four seasons, like Michigan
weather.  Spring    = Track & Field
               Summer =  Active Summer Program
               Fall         =  Cross Country Season
               Winter    = Winter Warriors
Many of our boys play a winter sport like B-Ball,
swim, or wrestling. Others join the Winter Warriors.