A letter from a parent...

Dear Coach Smith,

My family and I would like to thank you and your team for a very well organized and fun
Witch's Hat Run.  I was especially impressed with the way you teamed up the children with
your high school runners.  That was a great idea, and made the day extra special for my
son William.  He was teamed up with Steve, a very nice young man who William quickly
bonded to.  In fact, he decided to root for Steve in the 5K instead of me.

William has been doing fun runs for the last two summers.  We bought a jogger for him to
ride in for the first one, but by the second race he wanted to run the whole race, and he
did--One mile.  He had just turned 4.  After checking with our Pediatrician, who said it was
OK, we have been looking for races for our family to attend.

What a great way to spend a morning; what a great community of people who attend these
events, and what a great influence for my son.  Having your team of "real runners" involved
is a great idea, and a great influence on the children.  I would think that your runners get a
lot out of it as well.

Thank you for a great day.


Matt, Teresa, and William

Please relay these pictures to Steve, and give him our thanks as well.