How do I Join?
Howdo I get more info?
Please email Coach Smith

                       Frequently Asked Questions

Can I find out more information?       Yes, email

Do I need prior running experience?    NO!

Are there cuts?                                  For Freshmen, No!

Is summer practice mandatory?         Before August 16, no.

Is the weight room available?             Yes!

I play another sport.  Can I join XC?   Yes and No.  Cross
                                                        Country can be your only
                                                        sport Aug 16 - Oct 31

Can I earn my varsity letter?              Yes, even freshmen can
                                                       earn varsity if they work
                                                       hard and excel.

Do I need a physical and Pay to Play?     Yes and Yes

I'm unsure what I should do.             Please email Coach Smith

I'm in Band or Choir.  Can I join XC?    Yes, you can join XC.
                                                          However, it is very
                                                          difficult (impossible?)
                                                          to do MARCHING BAND  
                                                          and cross country.

I'm not a Freshman.  Can I join?          Absolutely!  

Where do I get information about
meet and practice schedules?

Do I have to join Winter Warriors?       No.  But it is a lot of fun.

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