Who is SLXC?
We are the biggest boys cross country team in the    
Lakes Valley Conference (45 members strong).

There are 9 Mott boys at the far end.  Everyone else is SLXC proud.

Our Mission Statement

We are the South Lyon High School Men's Cross Country Team.
We represent all that is good about our school, our team, and

We are accepted into a family and a lifelong band of brothers.
As strong individuals, we CHOOSE to create a legacy of
hard work, positive attitude, and team unity.

Running is our unifying purpose.  
We do it not because it is easy, but because it is hard.

We run on this team to show the poser of our minds, bodies
and souls.

United at Heart.  United to Inspire.  United for Victory!
As brothers, we RUN!

What is SLXC?