When is cross country?
Cross Country is a fall sport.  
Mandatory practices begin in mid August.  
Most athletes will be finished before November 1.  
All athletes will be done before the winter sports

SLXC runs a vibrant program year round.  
Optional summer practices begin June 21 this
year with a no contact blackout week July 2 to
July 11.  Most of our athletes take advantage of
the optional summer program.

Optional Practices in June and July are 7:00 PM
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur, and 9 AM Friday & Saturday.

Cross county camp is August 8-14 this year.
Most athletes attend camp.  

Mandatory practices start  August 16.  
Most practices in August are 6:30 PM  
Mon, Tue, Wed, and Thur with 9 AM
Friday &  Saturday practices & meets.

Once school starts, practices are roughly  3:30

to 5:30 PM with meets on Tuesday afternoons
and Saturday mornings. The season will end in
late October.

Many of our athletes compete in the Winter
Warriors and indoor track December-March
before track season begins.

You can examine the schedule in more detail at