Captain Greg Jowett            Captain Nolan Smith & His Boys   Fastest Distance Freshman Reiner Kandt
Track & Field   Distance Bests 2019
3200    Reiner Kandt    10:45    Sunshine                         4x8 Curtiss, Foytel. Filipek,  McDonald  9:21
Gavin Howell    11:42    Sunshine
Dom Foytek     12:04    Sunshine                                  

Reiner Kandt    4:46   OC Freshmen                               4x4   3:47   Trojan
Greg Jowett     4:46   Regionals                                    Jowett,Stevenson, Schafer. Stiglitch
S. Bosworth    4:56    Sunshine                              
400     G. Jowett        54.53
800    Greg Jowett           2:05 Regionals                            N. Stevenson 55.34
Matt Curtiss           2:21                                                   D. Albanice     58.57
Vince McDonald    2:21                                                   K. Scovera     58.72

Teenagers who smoke pot suffer lifelong loss of intelligence--Article from CNN
You don't need sports drinks to stay hydrated--                        Article from ABC News
Social media for middle schoolers is a bad idea--          Article from Psychology Today
Why do wealthy people pursue endurance sports?        Article from Outside Magazine

Winter Running Attendance
Thu, Jan 10   Prudhomme, Eduardo, Vince, Antonio, Fletcher, Stec, Robins, Boz, Kandt

Sat, Jan 12     Liddell, DeMoss, Eduardo, Swegles, Boz, Noah, Robins, Hesterman, Dom, Prudhomme, Stec, Fletcher
Dunham, Sobzcek, Showek attended

Tue, Jan 15    Swegles, Dom, Liddlee, Prudhomme, Eduardo, Reiner, Showek, Demoss, Dawson, Vince

Thu, Jan 17    Eduardo, Stec, Fletcher, Dom, Haden attended

Sat, Jan 19     Dom, Reiner, Noah, Demoss, Sobczak, Sweggles, Lewis, Haden attended

Tue, Jan 22    Haden, Reiner, Prudhomme, Robins, Vince, Swags attended

Thu, Jan 24    Liddell, Swegles, Boz, Vince, Reiner, Antonio attended

Sat, Jan 26     Liddell, Stec, Fletcher,Swegles, Jowett, Reiner, Dom, Sobczak, Lewis, Vince  attended

Tue, Jan 29    Haden, Reiner, Prudhomme, Robins, Vince, Swegles attended

Sat, Feb 2       Swegles, Dom, Vince, John, Stec, DeMoss attended.

Tue, Feb 5      Swegles, Liddell, Prudhomme, Vince, Dom, Fletcher, Robins, Stec, & Reiner attended.

Thu, Feb 7     Dom, DeMoss, Prudhomme, Vince, Reiner,

Sat, Feb 9       Where was everybody?  Dom, Antonio, Adam Curtis attended.

Tue, Feb 12     Ice Day.  No Practice

Wed, Feb 13    Prudhomme, Fletcher, Stec, Reiner, Antonio, Demoss, Eduardo, Swegles attended

Thu, Feb 14    Dom & Reiner attended

Sat, Feb 16     Dom & Adam Curtis attended

Wed, Feb 20   Liddell, Prudhomme, Stec, Fletcher, Eduardo, Swegles, Reiner, Boz, Demoss, & Brower attended

Thu, Feb 21   Dom, A.C., Prud, Swegles, Vince, Robbins, Eduardo, Stec, Fletcher, Boz, Reiner, Sobczak, Brower, Vlad

Sat, Feb 23    Dom, A.C., Swegles & Reiner attended

Tue, Feb 26   Dom, Prudhomme, Fletcher, Stec, Reiner, Sobczak, Liddell, Eduardo, Robins, Boz, AC, Vince, Noah,
Wallis, and Swegles attended

Wed, Feb 27  Liddell, Prudhomme, AC, Hesterman, Reid, Wallis, Reiner, Eduardo, Fletcher, Sobczak, Swegles,
Stec, and Boz attended

Thur, Feb 28  Dom, Sobzcak, Prudhomme, Boz, Reiner, Eduardo, Hesterman, Dunham, Brower, Wallis, Nolan attended

Sat, March 2  Sobczak, Stec, Prudhomme, Vlad, Liddell, A.C., Swegles, Wallis attended

Tue, March 5  Eduardo, Liddell, Prud, Noah, Antonio, Reiner, Boz, Vlad

Wed, March 6  Eduardo, Prudhomme, Antonio, Reiner, Boz, Dom, Hesterman, Dunham, Brower, Stec, Fletcher, Nolan

Thu, March 7   Prud, Swags, Robins, Sobczak, Stec, Fletcher, Kandt, Vince, Matt Curtis, Hesterman, Dunham, Brower
Wallis, Foytek, Vlad

Friday, March 8   Dom's Dirty Dozen:  Prud, Swags, Dom, Noah, Robins, CWall, Sobczak, Fletch, Boz, Vince, Matt,
Jacob, Vlad, Adam, Eduardo, Stec, Liddell (2)     Did I miss anyone?

Monday, March 11    Fletcher, Swags, Stec, Gavin, Reiner, Eduardo, Sobczak, Matt, Robins, Reid, Dunham, CWall,

Thu, Feb 7    6:30 PM     SLHS Curriculum Night.  Thank you to our crew!
Five Parents       &         Ten Boys
1. Carol McDonald                1. Vince McDonald          7. Joe Curtis              13.  Ethan Poet
2.  Patti Lewis                       2.  Cam Lewis                 8. Brendon Stec         14.  Ben Nagy
3.  Maria Herrera                  3.  Eduardo H-P               9. Graydon McIntosh 15.  Ben Jones
4.  Deron   Stec                    4  Steven Prudhomme     10.  Reiner Kandt       16 Alec DeMoss
5. Collette McIntosh             5.  Alex Liddell                 11.  Greg Jowett         17.  Haden Gallentine
6,  Coach Brian                    6.   The Boz                     12.  Brian Swegles

weekly mileage in anticipation of the March start to track season and the
first track meet in early April.

First LVC Track Contest will be Tuesday, April 9 at the end of Spring Break

Sunday, March 24    Active Faith Strike Out Hunger     Arrive 12:30   
Bowl 1-3
The first 14 distance running boys to pay are eligible to participate. $20 includes shoes, pizza, 2 hours of
bowling, drinks.

1.  Coach Smith   40        5 Eduardo H-P     20             9  Vince McDonald 20               13  John Fletcher          20
2.  Brendon Stec  20        6  Brian Swegles 20            10  Matt Curtis          20             14   Steve Prudhomme 20
3.  Gavin Howell  20         7  Vlad Schnitzel 20            11  Ryan Szewczyk 20              15   Val Schnitzel       
4.  Reiner Kandt   20        8   Ant. Sobczak   20            12  Nolan Smith       20
  Oakland County
Tri Meet # 4
Gabriel Richard
Conference Meet
Larry Steeb
Regional Competitiors
Hudgens        1819
1. Hudgens       1801
1.  Younkin          1712
1. Hudgens            1755
1. Hudgens        1736
1.  Hudgens..........6 Pts
Younkin          1823
2. Younkin        1820
2.  Hudgens         1718
2.  Younkin            1759
2. Younkin         1755
2.  Younkin...........9 Pts
Leslie             1906
3. Leslie           1823
3.  Sadler             1813
3.  Leslie                1824
3. Leslie            1758
3.  Leslie..............16 Pts
Sadler            1925
4. Sadler          1838
4.  Leslie              1816
4.  Sadler               1845
  4.  Sadler.............19 Pts
DeBruyne       2022
5. DeBruyne    1911
5.  Gallentine       1902
5.  White                 1903
5. White             1854
5.  White..............31 Pts
Klevering        2025
6. Jones           1918
6.  White              1905
6.  Gallentine          1923
6.  Klevering      1855
6. Gallentine........36 Pts
Gallentine        2026
7. White           1930
7.  Allen               1929
7. Klevering            1923
7.  DeBruyne      1902
7.  Klevering........36 Pts
White               2053
8. Gallentine    1945
8.  Klevering        1933
8.  Jones                 1927
8.  Jones             1910
8. DeBruyne.........41 Pts   1st Alt
Val Schnitzel    2126
9. Klevering      1949
9.  Val Schnitzel    1934
9.  DeBruyne          1956
9.  Val Schnitzel   1918
9. Val Schnitzel......48 Pts   2nd Alt
Jon Allen          2134
10. Williams     1950
10.  Liddell            1944
10.  Val Schnitzel    2016
10.  Gallentine     1928
  Jones DNF,
Williams DNR
11.Val Schnitzel 2001
12.  Allen           2003
13.  Liddell        2040
Jones                    2232
Williams                 DNF
DeBruyne              DNR
11.  Williams            2019  
12.  Allen                 2023
11.  Williams         1930
12.  Allen              1936
13.  Liddell           1955
Jones....................52 Pts
Allen......................53 Pts
Williams.................62 Pts
South Lyon High School Men's Cross Country
Help Wanted Cross Country 2019        Submit your miles         What miles have I submitted in 2019?  
If you have questions, contact Coach Smith

Winter Running begins Monday, December 2
Tuesday  After School Running     
Thursday After School Running
Saturday Morning Running
We will add a fourth day in 2020.

Morning Weight Room   Monday, Wednesday, Friday (or Saturday)

Mon, Dec. 2    Morning Weights 6 AM  Meet in the student lot close to the football ticket booth.

Tue, Dec 3     After school running...2:45 PM  Meet at the blue picnic tables near the track

Wed, Dec 4    Morning Weights 6 AM  Meet in the student lot close to the football ticket booth.

Thu, Dec 5     After school running...2:45 PM  Meet at the blue picnic tables near the track

Fri, Dec 6        No group meeting

Sat, Dec 7      Pearl Harbor Day    
Updated Saturday Plan
Weight room 10 AM SLHS
                                                       Run 11 AM SLHS
                                                       Shower & Change 11-11:30
                                                       Bus ride to Brighton's Fast Food Row.  Each boy buys his own meal.
                                                       Movie:  Ford vs. Ferrari at MJR Brighton 1:30 show   $7.00 ticket

Please continue to submit your 2019 miles  

Cross Country 2019 is DONE!  

Strong Finish boys!
Regional Meet Results
Boz          17:14
Kandt       1744
Jones       1745
Brower     1805
Showek    1823
Howell     1853
Fiddell-N  1825

Thank you to everyone who helped to make the Witch's Hat Run and Pumpkinfest Run successful!
South Lyon Herald Pumpkinfest Article with pics
Video of the Pumpkinfest Run & Parade

Parents & Athletes:  Please join for Cross Country and Boys' Track Distance Notifications
Directions:  Text   @slxc to the number 81010     You will receive a welcome text from Remind.
If anyone has trouble with 81010, you can try texting @slxc to (517) 641-2267.

2020 XC Schedule
This schedule is tentative and under construction.
There will be a Saturday invitational or race most weeks.  These are not listed yet.
Monday, June 15    Optional (Encouraged) Summer practices begin
TENTATIVE...24 Hour 24 Mile Marathon  July 1 & 2   or July 2 & 3
BLACK OUT WEEK  July 3 thru July 12   No team practices in this period
Saturday, August 8  Seniors will help to set up camp.
Sunday,  August 9   Seniors arrive to Camp
Monday, August 10  All other athletes arrive to Camp
Monday, August 17  Mandatory practices begin

Saturday, Sept.12     Witch's Hat Run
Tuesday, Sept. 15    Walled Lake North & W-ford Mott at South Lyon (Island Lake)
                                            also Kettering & Lakeland at Walled Lake Western  plus East & Milford at Walled Lake Central
Saturday, Sept. 19    Holly Invitational
Tuesday, Sept. 22     South Lyon & WL Western at Milford (Possum Hollow)
                                             also Lakeland & WL Northern at East  plus  W-ford Mott & WL Central at Kettering
Saturday, Sept 26     Pumpkinfest Run
Tuesday, Sept. 28     Currently a Bye Week...No LVC action today
Saturday, Oct.  3       Invite TBA  
Possibly Shepard Inv. or Otsego Bulldog or Coaching Legends (all fast & flat)
Tuesday, Oct.   6      WL Central & South Lyon at Lakeland
                                                also Milford & Kettering at Northern  plus  WL West & SL East at Mott
Saturday, Oct 10      Oakland County Meet of Champions
Tuesday, Oct 13       SL East & W-Ford Kettering at South Lyon (Island Lake)
                                            also Milford & Lakeland at Mott  plus   Northern & Western at Central (Walled Lake City Meet)
Saturday, Oct 17                Gabriel Richard Invitational

Thursday, Oct 22     LVC Conference Championship at Hess Hathaway  hosted by Mott
Saturday, Oct 24      Meet TBA  possibly Larry Steeb Invite in Whitmore Lake

Fri or Sat, Oct 30 or 31   REGIONALS
Saturday, Nov. 7       State Meet

2019 XC Schedule
Summer Practice Schedule June 17 thru August 31:  Please plan ahead with summer jobs!
Mon 7 PM      Tue  7 PM      Wed  7 PM      Thu 7 PM      Fri 9 AM      Sat 9 AM
The weight room will also be available at a schedule to be announced.

June 17              Optional Summer Practices Begin

June 27 & 28      24 Hour/24 Mile Marathon

June 29- July 7 Black Out Week

July 8                Optional Summer Practices Resume Monday, July 8

July 23             Cedar Point

Aug 4-10         CAMP

August 12       Mandatory practices begin August 12

August 14       Practice is at 6:30; Parent Meeting is also at 6:30

August 17       Mandatory Time Trial All Runners      Wear your World War Zero Shirt!
Contests:  1.  WW Zero   2. v. Alumni   3.  v.  Girls Team   4.  v. yourself
Athletes arrive at 7:55 for their warm up.  Starting gun is at 9.
Athletes & their families will be dismissed before 10:30

Aug 23            End of Summer Classic Top 10 runners from Time Trial will participate
Note from the Aug 23 Meet Organizers:  
Please remind parents that there is a $10 admission fee per
vehicle to enter the park.  It takes some time to pay the fee and find a place to park so please have them plan
accordingly.  It will not be a good day to be late.

Aug 24             South Lyon Invitational  All runners will participate in the 11:20 JV race
Arrive to Island Lake park home course at 9:35. Meet in triangle.
Each Top Ten Runner will be paired up with 2-3 partners from #s 11-30
Family Picnic will follow the South Lyon Invitational

August 29        Milford Invitational at Kensington's Possum Hollow  All runners participate
Aug 30-Sept 2   Practices during this time will be optional

Saturday, Sept 7   Witch's Hat Run 5K & Fun Run      

Sunday, Sept 8     Witch's Hat Run Half Marathon     

Tue, Sept 10         Tri Meet # 1   WLN & SL at Lakeland High School     Girls 4:30   Boys 5:00

Sat, Sept 14          Holly Invitational  
Springfield Oaks County Park directions

Tue, Sept 17        Tri Meet # 2  SL & Mil at WLC (Richardson PK)        Girls 4;30   Boys 5:00
 also SLE & Lakeland at WLW (Willis)   ;   Kett & Mott at WLN (New Hess?)

Sat, Sept. 21         
Petoskey Invite & Retreat  Leave Friday, Sept. 20. Return Sunday, Sept 22.
      Required Paperwork:
1.  Permission Slip
         2.  SLCS Overnight Excursion Form
         3.  Camp Daggett Release of Liability Form
         4.  Avalanche Bay Release of Liability Form
                      (only if you wish your son to use the SURF attraction; otherwise this form is not needed.)

Tue, Sept 24        Tri Meet # 3    WLW & Kett @ SL            Homecoming Meet & Senior Night
     also Lakeland & WLC at Mott   ;        Milford & WLN at East (Mon)                     
Homecoming signs     

Sat, Sept 28        Pumpkinfest Run   Overall Results    Age Grouped Results      Parents Sign Up to Help

Sat, Oct 5           Oakland County Meet...Possum Hollow Kensington  

Tue, Oct 8          Tri Meet # 4       SL & SLE at Mott (Hess Hathaway)   also Kett & Lake @ Milford   ;   WLW & WLC at WLN (but Yom Kippur)  

Sat, Oct 12         Gabriel Richard  Thu, Oct 17       LV Conference Meet at Kensington's Possum Hollow hosted by WLW  

Sat, Oct 19        Larry Steeb Invite  This will be the last meet of the year for all 11/12 athletes.  

Tue, Oct 22       Centerline 9/10 Meet   This will be the last meet of the season for most 9 & 10 athletes unless you are part of the regional team of 7.  

Sat, Oct 26       REGIONALS in Dewitt     Only 7 athletes plus an alternate will attend.  

Sat, Nov 3       State Meet--This will be the last meet of the season for the top 7.

Track & Field Congrats to Reiner Kandt Freshman All-County! Reiner finished 6th in  Mile Run (4:46) & 11th in  3200 (11:17) Oakland County Fresh.
Championships Boz finished 7th in 300 Hurdles (45.3) & 10th in Mile (4:54) Oakland County Freshman Championships
Possible races in the window between August 17 and Sept 12
Sat, August 22   Time Trial............................Huron Meadows or Island Lake
Thu, August 27  End Summer/Fall Preview...Huron Meadows
Sat, August 29   South Lyon Invitational......Island Lake
Thur, Sept   3     Early Bird Invite..................Huron Meadows
                     Labor Day is Sept 7  School Starts on Sept 8