2013 Homecoming Signs
Homecoming Meet Posters

On Tuesday, October 7, the XC teams will be celebrating Homecoming.  
South Lyon East will be taking on South Lyon High School in the Cross Town,
Cross Country Showdown, competing for the Al Brodowicz trophy.

In the grand tradition of Homecomings past, the parents of the XC runners will
be creating a poster for their own son(s).  We slip the poster over a wire frame
and then set them up in the middle part of the course for the entire world to
see.  The boys really have a good time looking at all of their teammate’s

Buy a standard sheet of poster board (28 x 22) from Meijers, Wal Mart, CVS,
etc.  To make the sign, fold the poster board in half so that it is ½ the height,
not ½ the width.   You will be decorating the outside of each half. The two
halves of the sign will be placed over a wire election sign hanger the day of the

There are pictures of some previous signs at www.slxc.com/signs

Create a ‘tribute’ to your son.  It can be as serious or funny as you wish; this is
good place for some of the blackmail pictures you have taken in the past.  A
suggestion for seniors is a serious one celebrating all their years of XC. For
underclassmen we can much more amusing.  Pictures, clipart, mementos, you
name it, almost anything goes.  

This is more a team side.  Pictures of lions, cougars, runners, your son’s
running pictures, sayings like ‘Go Lions’, ‘SLEXC’, ‘Homecoming 2014’, his
graduation year, etc.

Be sure your son’s name is prominently displayed on both sides.

It doesn’t have to be a work of art, just a token to show your son you
appreciate the effort he puts into an extremely demanding sport.  The boys
don’t get a great deal of recognition; this is our time to show them that we
acknowledge their time and commitment.


Instructions about how to deliver them will be forthcoming!