South Lyon High School
South Lyon EAST High School
Boys Cross Country

Mission Statement 2008

We are the South Lyon High School Men's Cross Country Teams.

We represent all that is good about our school, our team, and ourselves.

We are accepted into a family and a lifelong band of brothers.
As strong individuals, we choose to create a legacy of hard work,
positive attitude, and team unity.

Running is our unifying purpose.
We do it not because it is easy, but because it is hard.
We run on this team to show the power of our minds, bodies,
and souls.

United at Heart.  United to Inspire.  United for Victory.

Adopted by the 2005 XC Senior Leadership Council March 2005
Modified by the 2006 XC Senior Leadership Council March 2006
Modified by the 2008 XC Senior Leadership Council March 2008

Cross Country Commandments

1.  There is no substitute for my summer miles.
2.  The value I get from cross country is proportional to the effort that I put into it.
3.  I strengthen my CORE to improve my form.
4.  I make each workout an opportunity to be faster and stronger.

5.  I give 100% in a race--I have no regrets.
6.  I am quick to praise and slow to criticize.
7.  I stretch and use R.I.C.E to avoid serious injury.
8.  I eat low fats, high carbohydrates, and drink plenty of water.

9.  I respect my teammates, my opponents, my school.
10.  I always focus on the higher purpose.