2015 Cross Country
Volunteer Sign Ups
To help with any event in the South Lyon Community Schools in 2015, an online background    
check is required.  Please consider getting yours early to make Fall 2015 easier!
                           Thanks,  Coach Scott Smith

Race Day Jobs NON Witch's Hat Jobs
This list contains jobs for the combined SLHS and EAST teams Invitationals and SLHS specific home meets.  
Contact Randy Smith for EAST home meet information.

Witch's Hat Run, Saturday, Sept 12

*Race Day Positions for the Witch's Hat Run

*Advertising & Flier Distribution

Summer Camp August 9-15
*Thank you to our chaperones Steve Marchand and John Schnitzel.  
*Thank you to Sue Schnitzel and Loraine Cooney for all of the work on camp food!  
*Thanks also to the many parents for help with set up, tear down & camp food provisions!

*Camp Supplies Needed plus a few Set Up/Tear Down Positions

*FOOD LEADERSHIP........Loraine Cooney.....Food Coordinator Emiritus.......SLHS
                           Susan Schnitzel--10th Grade Food Coordinator......SLHS

*MEALS..............Parent Help will be needed for camp food

Triathlon Help:
Each family is asked to contribute 3 workers to 1 triathlon (or to the course clean up)
*Saturday May 23        *Sunday, August 16         *Aug 27  Course Clean Up         *Sunday, September 6