2013 Boys' Cross Country Help:
Please sign up by e-mailing Coach Smith at smiths@slcs.us  

Scrapbook                           SLHS:                     EAST:      

Banquet Coordinator:      Assistants:  1.           2.  

Locker Signs                     SLHS:                      EAST:     

Homecoming Posters      SLHS:                       EAST           

FInish Line Helpers for Tuesday Home Meets:  

Course Marshals for Tuesday Home Meets:

Drivers for Petoskey (This is tentative--Drivers may not be needed)  East Parents esp. needed!
Drivers    (drivers will be reimbursed $20 per athlete)                                                 

Volunteer to follow Division, Conference,and Regional teams for 2013 for each school.     
SLHS Regional:                              EAST Regional:

Finish Line Helper for Saturday Invitationals: Your job will be to get results cards from athletes at the end of the
chute, write them in two places, and submit the results to Coach Smith and the Results Table.

EAST Boys Uniforms:                       SLHS Boys Uniforms

Banquet Slideshow: _____________   --I will get you the pictures
Senior Slideshow:   ______________  --This requires work getting pics from parents

Athlete Spirit Wear:
 EAST--       SLHS--

Parent Spirit Wear:  EAST--       SLHS--

Car Wash Friday, August 3, 2013
--Pizza Pick Up:

Food Help For Saturday Invitationals:
SL Invite                              Grill Master:________________ &   __________________    
                               Food, Paper, and Condiments:______________________
Early Bird & Water Polo:    Food Ideas:_________________
Witch's Hat Afterparty:      _____________________________
Holly Invitational                
 Grill Master:________________ & ___________________
                                Food, Condiments, Paper:__________________________
Oakland County                  _____________________
Gabriel Richard                  _____________________
20th Annual Witch's Hat Run
September 10, 2011       
Race Director:  Scott Smith

Witch's Hat Run Art:  John Romans (Another cool design.  Thanks!)

Registration: (Saturday Morning)          Head Registrar: Heidi Beaber
Registration workers should meet at 7:15 at the back wall of SLHS in the student parking lot (8).  
Registration workers move to refreshments help at 9:30.
1.  Melissa Janos    2. LeeAnn Emerson  3.  Cheryl Jankowski   4. Maureen Candy-Gelardi                      
5. Pam Brodowicz 6. Carol VanAsselt     7. Cynthia Wenner       8. Buis

Lead Vehicles:  Lead and sweep vehicles should meet in the bus loop near the track at 8 AM
5K Car:      Katherine Mock                 5K Bike:   Mr. Perczak
10K Car :   Laine Quinton                   10K Bike:  Kate Harmon

Sweep Vehicles:   Lead and Sweep vehicles should meet in the bus loop near the track at 8 AM
5K Sweep Car : John Romans                       5K Sweep Bike:  Joan Garretson (Erik Berg)
10K Sweep Car:  Patrick Ruggiero              10K Sweep Bike:  Beth Juntunen

Witch's Hat Marshals:
Marshals and Timers should meet at the volunteer sign at the fence near the football
ticket booth at 8:30 AM (29)
5K Coordinator:  Jeff Janos
10K Coordinator: Tom Millis
1.  Greg Janos   2.Brian Staggs 3. Kathy Staggs 4 Bruce Powell. 5.Tami Powell  6 Brad Oyster. 7 Tom
Harmon. 8 Chris Conner. 9. John Kerszulis 10. Dawn Kerszulis  11. Brenda Miller 12. Mark Sweet
13. Janet Romans 14. Tim Gorman   15.     16.      17.    18.     19.     20. Bridget Parion

Mile Splits Readers:  Please Bring a Stop Watch (fancy not needed)
Mile splits readers should meet at the volunteer sign near the football ticket booth at 8:30
5K     1 Mile= Dawn Sweet      2 Mile=Barb Heininger      3 Mile =Renee Shinska

10K   1 Mile=Trevor VanAsselt      2 Mile =Dave VanAsselt                       3 Mile=Todd Stone      
4 Mile =Reid Schornack       5 Mile= Jenny Clark (Hudson)           6 Mile =Brian Thelan

Witch's Hat Water Stations:
Water station 5K number one should simply report to their station.  The 1 K water stations should attend the
Marshals meeting at 8:30 at the volunteer sign near the football ticket booth.  All water stations should bring
their own folding table(s), water and small PAPER cups.  Call Coach Smith at 248-207-5135 with questions.
5K   #1.  New Life Church Community Outreach Center & Weidman & Helton Family  400 cups
10K #1  Corner of Martindale and Bike Path  (runners come through here twice)  
Cindy & Pat Burnette
10K #2  Corner of Travis and Bike Path:  Loraine Cooney & Family

Witch's Hat Packet Stuffing
Packet stuffing takes place at the Stone Family's home at 7 PM Friday night:
Coordinator-- Laurie Stone
1. Beth Juntunen    2. Cheryl Jankowski  3. Lynette Conner  4. Julie Reed   5. Anita Lamour
6. Reid Schornack  7.  Kathleen Oyster

One Mile Fun Run
Fun Run Workers should report to Coach Scott Smith at the volunteer sign near the football ticket
booth at 7:45 AM.
Fun Run Coordinator:  Coach Randy Smith

Fun Run Timers:      1. Klevering     2.  

Fun Run Chute Workers:  Karen Curnow

Fun Run Announcer:  Hugh Irwin

Fun Run Typist:  (Afternoon of Sept. 10):  Pam Nielson     
Please take results boards with you Saturday after the race and e-mail the typed results to me at smiths@slcs.us ASAP.

White Tent Set Up
Mr. Shinska (leader)   Helpers:  Nathaniel & Ray McMillan, Mark Cogo

Food/Refreshments (registration workers go to food after registration)
Coordinator: Laurie Stone
Helper: Linda Hardy
Helper: Joan Berg
Helper:  Loraine Cooney (after her water station closes)

Sno Cone Operator  
8:15-9:30      Near the football ticket booth inside fence--
Laurel Mathers & Christine Cogo
The early operator will help Cheryl relocate from the football ticket booth to the 5K awards area.
9:30-11:30    At the food tent near the awards-
-Cheryl Jankowski

Coordinator:  Scott Smith & Dawn Sweet
Medals (stickers): Dawn Sweet

Bus Loop Security: Bob Fields (arrive at 7 AM)

Locker Room Security:  Nicki & Paul Hanner (you can split the shifts from 7:30-11:30 or noon)

Course Set Up:  John Romans & Patrick Ruggiero (can you do it again?)

Pictures:  Wayne Darr

T-Shirt Design:
 John Romans-very cool design, Thank you!

Sponsors:  Group Effort!

Flier Distribution:  Group Effort!

Middle School XC Registration Table:  Shelly DeMoss

Registration Typist:  Mary Perczak (big job!  Thanks)

Race Day Trophy/Awards Organization: Dawn Sweet

Pick up shirts from printer:  Laurie Stone

Flier Distribution (race directors and running stores)   Coordinator:
Ann Arbor--Randy Smith
Novi, Northville Running Fit--Elizabeth Thomas
Southfield Total Runner--Klevering
Farmington New Balance--
Lansing Playmakers--
Hanson's Running Stores--
Fliers to Race Directors--    
Julie Reed & Scott Smith

Flier & Poster Distribution   Coordinator:
South Lyon
Pontiac Trail, Everything South of 9 Mile Road up to and including Big Boy Mall---Julie Reed
Pontiac Trail, Everything South of Big Boys Mall including Kroger Mall & Library---LeeAnn Emerson
Pontiac Trail, South of 10 Mile, ending at Martins Hardware-------------------------------Elizabeth Thomas
Pontiac Trail Mall south of Martins, ending at CVS and Little Caesars Malls----------Jeff Janos
Pontiac Trail, Everything North of 10 Mile up to & including Pro Pizza Mall----------Mark Sweet
Pontiac Trail, Everything North of Pro Pizza Mall including Larry's & Rite Aid Malls-Cheryl Jankowski
Ten Mile Road, All Businesses between Police Station and Presbyterian Church--Pam Nielson
New Hudson
Leo's & Lowe's Mall ----FitzGeralds
All of Old New Hudson-Fitzgeralds

Sale of Sponsor Spots on T-shirt        Coordinator:

Preparations are underway for the 19th Annual Witch's Hat Run.  There will be a job for each of you on race day (Sept. 10), but there is
also work to be done ahead of time.  Rather than a few people taking on huge tasks, I thought I'd try a different approach this
year..Breaking jobs down into tiny parts and spreading the work out widely.

The Witch's Hat Run is a fundraiser for the boys and girls cross country programs at both high schools.  I have been the race director
or co-director for 20 years.  The run has been a big success, now drawing over 500 participants.

Job One--Finding Sponsors for the back of the T-shirt.
A sponsor pays $150 for a spot on the back of our shirt.  It is a durable advertising dollar--The Witch's Hat Shirts are a high quality shirt
and our participant wear them around for many years.  We have not raised the price of a T-shirt sponsor in 19 years.  We limit our
sponsors to one in each category (for example, only one realtor).  I'd like to spread the task out...Would you sign up to find one or two
sponsors of a particular type?   

Here is how this would work---You would sign up in a category.  I will put your name on the list to find a business.  When you secure a
sponsor, you would e-mail me that sponsor's name and contact info and I will follow up for art work and billing.

Heating & Cooling--Dean Heating & Cooling Juntunen Family


Grocery--Maybe Busch's will donate bottled water again.  COntact needs to be made!

Auto Parts--

Auto Repair--Dawn Sweet will attempt to secure an auto repair business.

Cheryl Jankowsk has secured Drs. Shortt & Shortt in South Lyon

Physical Therapist-Cheryl Jankowski has secured-Michigan Rehabilitation

Orthodontist--Cheryl Jankowski has secured Dr. Geran in South Lyon.

Running Shoe Store--Runnin' Gear in Brighton has donated partial cost of Witch's Hat shirts

Barber Shop/Stylist

Pizza Restaurant--.

Coney Shop/Fast Food-
-Gretchen Ruggiero has secured Leo's Coney Island.


Home Furnishings or Furniture--

General Banking--

Finance (investments, mortgage)--

Coffee Shop--


Collision Shop-

Dairy Queen or other ice cream--possibly trade in kind for race day..

Computer Repair--



Movie Theater/Other Entertainment Venues-

Engineering Firm----------------
American Gear (Kuligowski/Emerson Family has agreed to again sponsor the WH RUN.

Eye Doctor--

Golf Course--
The Cooney Family secured the  Riverbank Golf Course

Other---------------------------------Oxford Hyperbarics--Powell Family has agreed to again sponsor the WH RUN
2011 Triathalon Marshals Needed
Each Family is asked to volunteer 2 workers to one of the four Tri's.  
Proceeds will be used to offset Petoskey cost for those families who participate

Thursday, September 8, 2011 Island Lake (Thank you!)
Meet at the boys' triangle at 4:30 (until 8:30 PM)
1. Jeff Hoorn              2. Alex Hoorn        3. Perczak             4. Perczak                  5. Kathy Staggs
5. Pam Nielson           6. Brenda Miller    7. Brad Oyster     8. Alice FitzGerald     9. LeeAnn Emerson     
10.  Chuck Pearson   11.  Dawn Kerszulis     12  John Kerszulis     13. Jenny Clark (Hudson)    
14.   Maureen Gelardi (will get there at 5)  15.  Tom Buis
Late Arrivals (water station):  
15.  Patrick Miller, 16.  CJ DIver 17. Bradley Oyster   18.  Joe Buis   19.Alex Kuligowski   20. Dylan Hudson
Late Shift  (Break Down & Clean Up 8:30 till 10 Report to Jim Jackson, George Jackson, or Bobby Eccles)
1. Brian Staggs   2. James Sharpe   3. Cindy Burnette   4. Pat Burnette   5. Mr Sharpe

Saturday, May 28, 2011 at Island Lake:  Thanks for the help!
>> Early Shift 6:30-10:30--Marshals  Report to the Boys' Triangle
>> 1. Adam Stone          11.Jake Helton                 21.  Bryan Cooney
>> 2. Todd Stone          12. Joe Helton                  Late Shift 10:30-12:30  Report to Jim Jackson
>> 3. Andrew Staggs     13.   Brian Staggs            1.  Ruggiero
>> 4.  Kathy Staggs       14. Jillian Staggs (2)        2. Ruggiero
>> 5.  Troy Weidman     15. Reid Schornack         3.  Kevin FitzGerald
>> 6.  Deb Weidman      16. Ben Schornack         4.  Francis
>> 7. Bill Cooney           17.  Marshall Thelen       5.  Francis
>> 8.  Billy Cooney         18. Brian Thelen
>> 9.   Karen Tedd         19.  Jeff Janos
>> 10. Ryan Tedd          20.  Andrew Janos

Sunday, July 17, 2011 at Detroit's Belle Isle:  Thanks for the help!
1. Cindy Helton (Driver)      2.  Joe Helton                      3.  Sean Conner             4.  Lynette Conner (Driver)
5.  Billy Cooney                    6.  Tom Harmon (Driver)     7.  Ed Harmon                 8.  Bruce Powell
9.  Blake Powell                   10. Devan Petricca             11. Coach Randy Smith   12 Renee Shinska
13.  Andrew Thomas           14.  Matt Thomas                 15 Mark Cogo                   16.  Cindy Helton
17.  Joe Helton                   18.  Mr.  Ruggiero (Driver)  19. Spencer Ruggiero      20. Coach Scott Smith

Sunday, August 21, 2011 Island Lake:  Thanks for the help!
Early Shift--Meet at the boys' triangle at 6:30-10:30
1.  Jankowski          2.  Jankowski         3. Jankowski                4. Jankowski
5.   Jankowski         6   Jankowski         7. Demoss                    8. DeMoss
9.   DeMoss            10.  DeMoss           11 Dean Juntunen      12. Beth Juntunen
13. Ian Juntunen   14. Mrs. Wenner   15 Brandon Wenner    16.  Laurel Mathers
17. Billy  Mathers   18  Andrew Curnow 19 Karen Curnow     20.  Coach Scott Smith
Late Shift 10:30-12:30 (Break Down & Clean Up)
1. VanAsselt   2. VanAsselt   3. VanAsselt   4. Thomas  5. Thomas 6.  Thomas
Summer Camp August 7-13, 2011
Food Coordinator:  Anita Lamour (Ben Schornack)  Thank you!  This is a huge task.
Water and Ice:
 Kate Harmon & Shelly DeMoss
Sleep-In Chaperones:  Drug Test & Background Check Required
Pack Before Trip Saturday:
Greg & Andrew Janos, FitzGeralds, Blake Powell, Adam Stone,
John Cutajar, Eric Cutajar
Set Up Beds, etc. on Sunday, August 7, Meet 2 PM at Cabins:
1. Mark Cogo  2.  Alan Curnow 3.  Hoorns  4  Demosses 5.6.  
Cleaning Coolers and Jugs Saturday, Aug. 6:  Greg & Andrew Janos
Cleaning/Fixing Grills:  
Randy Smith
Cleaning Vinyl Mattresses Sunday, Aug. 7:  1.  Karen Curnow   2 Hoorns.    3.
Break Down Beds, Saturday, August 13:  1.  Jeff Janos   2.Mark Cogo 3.   4.   5.  6.
Pack up Smith's Garage, Saturday, August 13:  1. Tom Buis   2. Joe Buis   3. Randy
4. Adam Stone   5.
 Blake Powell  6.  Mark Cogo   7.  Mark Cogo
Winter Witch's Hat RunRace Director Scott Smith
February 12, 2011               Email Coach Scott Smith to volunteer

Help Needed!  People with shovels to help clear ice Saturday
Small flat rigid shovels and ice scrapers will work best.  There is not much
snow, mostly ice. Please bring your own tools.
4 PM Friday meeting near track field house: Spearheaded by Cree Meadows:
Cree, CJ, Billy, JoJo, Devan, Tom DeMoss, John Meadows  
8 AM Saturday Meet at the starting line of the race in front of SLHS:

Big Coffee Pots Needed    Please bring to commons by 8 AM
1. Pam Nielsen (4)   2. Sharon Francis    3. Julie Reed   4. Bev Darr     5.  Kate Harmon    6.  Mark
Cogo   7.    8.    9.    10.

These people should meet in the commons at 9 AM
Lead Bicycle:                                    Lead Car:    Hugh Irwin     
Sweep Bicycle:  Randy Smith       Sweep Car:

These people should meet in the commons at 7 AM
Race Day Registration & Food Support
Race Day Registration Coordinator: Anita Schornack & Heidi Beaber should also be at the Feb. 11
Packet Stuffing
Food & Registration Helpers:    
1.  Anita Lamour    2.  Lynette Conner     3.  Melissa Janos     4. Karen Tedd    5.  Sharon Francis     
6.  Al Brodowicz   7. Pam Brodowicz
  Registration/Food Support is Full but Coordinators Needed

Food After Race:
1.  Hot Drink Coordinator:  Pam Nielsen (CJ Diver)
2.  Chili Coordinator:
3.  Muffins & Fruit:  Karen Tedd & Kathy Staggs
Dedicated Food Helpers:  1. Bev Darr  2.   
Chili--Please bring the Chili (hot) by 8 AM to the SLHS Commons in a crock pot
1.  Reid Schornack   2.  Melissa Janos   3. Pam Nielsen (CJ Diver)   4.  Shelly DeMoss   5.  Julie Reed
6.  Bev Darr   7. (2) LeeAnn Emerson (Alex Kuligowski)  8. Susan Jenkins (Mike Liddell) Bean Soup
9. Mark Sweet   10. Crystal Keller (Chicken Chili)  11. Kate Harmon (Chicken Chili)  
12. Shelly DeMoss (veggie)
Breadsticks from Alekos--Nan Hansen will order.  Heidi Beaber will pick up race day.

One Mile Fun Run:  Workers meet with Smith at 8 AM in commons
Coordinator:  Scott Swain
Timer:             Randy Smith
Awards:          Randy Smith              
Helpers:  Alex Hoorn, Megan Hoorn, Ryan Tedd, and others

Packet Stuffing:  6:30 PM Friday, Feb. 11 at Ben Schornack's house
13024 Pembrooke Circle, South Lyon, MI  48178 (off 10 Mile near Peer)
Helpers:  Heidi Beaber, Lynette Conner, Anita Lamour, Bev Darr, Wayne Darr, Laurie Stone,
Michelle Hoorn after 7,

Course Set Up  Meet Scott Smith at 7 AM Outside SLHS
Coordinator:  Patrick Ruggiero & John Romans  Helper:  Christian Romans

Marshalls Meet in Commons 9 AM           Water Station
Coordinator: Jeff Janos                                                        Be set up by 9:45 AM
1. Brian Staggs             8.                                                       New Life Community Church
2. Kathy Staggs             9.                                                       and the Weidman Family
3.  Andrew Staggs       10.  COnnor Kehoe
4.  Tom DeMoss           11. Tom Harmon
5.   Maureen Gelardi   12.  Claire Domanico
6. Mark Sweet              13.  Frank Domanico
7.  Dean Juntunen       14. David Kehoe

Mailing Preparation First Week of January 2011
1. Lynette Conner (print labels)    2. Pam Nielsen    
Preparation: Lynette Conner, Pam Nielsen, Blake Yard, CJ DIver, Billy Cooney, Joe Helton

Data Entry Help will be needed starting Feb. 6
Pre-Race:  Mary Perczak                 Post Race:  Mary Perczak

Flier Distribution (race directors and running stores)
Ann Arbor-- Lindy Juergens, Anita Lamour.Schornack Family
Novi, Northville, W. Bloomfield--Lamour/Schornack Family
Detroit Metropolitan Area--
Fliers to Race Directors--    
Julie Reed

Flier & Poster Distribution
South Lyon
Pontiac Trail, Everything South of 9 Mile Road up to and including Big Boy Mall-Schornack Family
Pontiac Trail, Everything South of Big Boys Mall including Kroger Mall & Library-- Darr Family
Pontiac Trail, South of 10 Mile, ending at Martins Hardware-------------------------------Stone Family
Pontiac Trail Mall south of Martins, ending at CVS and Little Caesars Malls--          Stone Family
Pontiac Trail, Everything North of 10 Mile up to & including Pro Pizza Mall------------Mark Sweet
Pontiac Trail, Everything North of Pro Pizza Mall including Larry's & Rite Aid Malls
Ten Mile Road, All Businesses between Police Station and Presbyterian Church    
Janos Family
New Hudson--Leo's & Lowe's Mall        FitzGerald Family
New Hudson--All of Old New Hudson   FitzGerald Family
2013 Boys Cross Country
SLHS & EAST Boys Booster Club Info
2013 Officers
President:  Pam Nielsen              Treasurer:  Kari Peruski                     Secretary:  Marcia Thelan
SLHS Vice President:                   SLHS Assistant Treasurer:
EAST Vice President:                    East Assistant Treasurer:
2009 Volunteers
2010 Volunteers
Course Clean Up, Sunday August 21  THANK YOU!
Please bring shovels, rakes, small/large clippers (boys & parents)
The 2011 Parents' Meeting will take place at 6:00 PM
Course Clean Up will follow at 6:45
1.DeMoss .2DeMoss.  3.DeMoss  4.Demoss  5. Alex Kuligowski  6. LeeAnn Emerson  7. Jankowski
8. Jankowski  9. VanAsselt 10. VanAsselt  11. VanAsselt  12. Ben Schornack  13. Reid Schornack  
14. Alex Reed  15. Julie Reed  16. James Sharpe 17. Jimmy Sharpe  18. Karen Tedd  19. Russ Tedd  
20. Ryan Tedd  21. Patrick Ruggiero  22.Gretchen Ruggiero  23. Anita Lamour and MANY OTHERS
South Lyon Invitational August 27
5 People to Direct Cars to Park.  You will be done before the boys' races. 7:30 AM
Meet at the boys' triangle at 7:15    Thank you for doing this difficult job!
Buis   2. Brad Oyster  3. Cindy Burnette   4. Pat Burnette  5.Maureen Gelardi
2013 Volunteer Positions
1.  Home Meets--Workers Needed..............................................................SIGN UP
2. Triathlon Marshaling--Each family is asked to contribute workers to one Triathlon   SIGN UP
3.  Witch's Hat Run 2013--Each family is asked to help with the WHR.  Leadership & workers needed   SIGN UP
4.  Regular Season Jobs--Take a look & sign up for some of the things that make our team special.     SIGN UP
5.  Summer Camp Help Wanted DATES & TIMES UNDER CONSGTRUCTION                                          SIGN UP
6.  Summer Camp Food Help Wanted  You will be reimbursed for your expenses (receipts)   SIGN UP
7.  August 18 6:30 PM Course Clean UP                                                     SIGN UP
8.  South Lyon Invitational (Marshals, Timers, and Finish Line Help Wanted                   SIGN UP

8.  Home Dual Meet Sign Up.  See the sign up schedule below.  Note that there are two meets on
some dates.  It would be helpful but not necessary to have the same people  do both on those
days.   Please e-mail Coach Scott Smith to sign up:  smiths@slcs.us

Tuesday, Sept. 17  South Lyon vs. Novi @ Home  and   SLEast vs. Salem @ Home
                      Timer 1:  Bob Fallon                          Timer 1: Bob Fallon
                      Chute 1:                                             Chute 1:
                      Results 1:                                           Results 1:
                      Results 2:                                           Results 2:
                      Marshal 1:                                          Marshal 1:

Tuesday, Sept 24   South Lyon v. Stevenson @ Home      East vs. Novi is away
                      Timer 1: Bob Fallon
                      Chute 1:
                      Results 1:
                      Results 2:
                      Marshal 1:

Tuesday, October 1   South Lyon vs. South Lyon East (Homecoming Meet)
                     Timer 1: Bob Fallon
                     Chute 1:
                     Results 1:
                     Results 1:

                     Person to get donuts & cider:
                     Person to coordinate the Homecoming Signs

Tuesday, October 8  SL East vs. Stevenson @ Home            SLHS vs. Northville
                      Timer 1:   Bob Fallon                                    Timer 1:  Bob Fallon
                      Chute 1:                                                        Chute 1:
                      Results 1:                                                     Results 1:
                      Results 2:                                                     Results 2:
                      Marshal 1:                                                    Marshal 1:

                     Person to get the flowers for senior night
2011 Volunteers
2012 Volunteers