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Congratulations to the SLHS class of 2005
Greg Foley, Eric Lee, Adam Peruski-Smith, Mike Lecureux, Zack Erwin, Brian Delaney, Corey Gazdecki, Kyle Stockdale, Steve Carter, Justin Driscoll, Jacob Richardson, Ryan Fulkerson, Todd George

College Graduations:

John Belanger United States Military Academy at West Point
Ryan Roma  Lawrence Tech


Katie Wilkinson and Joseph Flaherty July 2005
Crystal Keller and Randy Hockey July 2005
Scott Schommer and Michelle Lucas  April 2005
Dan Golden and Melissa Glenn  May 2005

Boston Marathon, April 2004
Matt Sehee, 309th of 20,404 Runners!!!   2:59:33  Under  Hours!

Fred & Tammy Wilkinson--It's a Boy! (Gregory)
April 2004